Saturday, March 7, 2009

Movie night with my "friends"....

Okay - so I am trying to think of where to begin with this blog tonight. I have so many things that happened within a time span of 1 hour and 37 minutes (give or take a few minutes for "interruptions"). To start with, my mom made her way up to my home in Cartersville tonight, for dinner and a movie. I got "Nights in Rhodanthe" from NetFlix, and seeing that her and I are both Richard Gere fans... we were both excited. From the beginning... I never got to watch the movie completely..... Andrew's "relax" radar went off and he popped on in the living room and into my lap. All 63 pounds of him. "Rub my back..... rub my belly.... NOT that way.... that tickles...", and so on. Then he proceeds to pick up to small WebKinz that I got for my birthday, from him, and places them on both my shoulders. "These are your friends mommy...". Okay.... if I can get peace... they can be my friends. My mom starts to laugh. I am sitting in this recliner, w/ a serious face TRYING to watch the movie, with 2 stuffed animals on my shoulders. Again... I just want peace. Okay so fast forward a few more minutes of constant interruption and I pause the movie and tell Andrew "Mommy and her friends want to watch this movie...". He rolls over, faces me and tells me with a straight face, "Mommy, your friends aren't real.... they're stuffed."

Crazy.... party of one...... Crazy

Okay.... so after Andrew is whisked away by my husband, my mom and I resume our movie. We got to watch a good bit alone. Towards the end, my husband joins us. Apparently, this was a good time to check his blood pressure, which is a constant source of worry.. for him. Did I mention how LOUD the Velcro is on the blood pressure cuff?


This is the noise we hear during a pretty intense time in the movie. My mom and I look at each other.

This noise is followed by a.... "Mmmmmmmmmmmmmrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr", the sound of the machine starting it's blood pressure checking. Mom and I glance at each other again, then at Doug. He's clueless....

5 minutes later..... the movie is getting more intense and SERIOUS.... I am actually tearing up.

**Sccccrrrriiippp* (adjustment of the blood pressure cuff)


This happens 1 more time.... followed by, "135..... I guess that's as LOW as it is going to GO...". *siiiiigh*

**STOP** Okay. Doug checks his blood pressure.... and when he checks it, he sits SUPER stiff and checks it over and over. The more he thinks about it, the higher it is going to go. I Know this.... but he thinks sitting there checking it, because he is SITTING.... it's gonna go lower. Did I mention he's been smoking all day.... had a few beers.... Oh and he's sitting there STIFF as a board? Well he is and he HAS.


The movie is sad and I am crying....... very serious movie..... very emotional. Out of the blue, "It must be cold there, she's wearing a sweater and long pants".

I love my husband...... so..... random, and clueless. Mom and I are crying laughing at this point.

So in the span of an hour and 37 minutes.... my mom and I had the BEST night. She told me she was glad she stayed. Never a dull moment at my home... NEVER.

Did I mention the "Horse ball"? That's a story for another day.... one maybe my mom can tell.

My "Friends"